Template of Law Internship Certificate

We know that internship is an integral part of the Law program which has to be undertaken by every student of Law stream. Law internship certificate is actually the certificate, which certifies the fact that the particular student has undertaken the law internship program from the concerned firm, or the educational body of law.

In the law internship certificate it is certified with the name of the candidate that the concerned candidate has competed the internship program from the body of law as is mentioned in this certificate.

This certificate includes all the details of the internship program which has been taken by the candidate, such as the work experience of the intern, time period of internship etc.

This certificate of internship assists the candidate at the time of applying for the job in the field of law or even in starting own practice.

We are here in this article providing you with the template of the certificate of internship, which you can get it from here.

This template has the following characteristics as are mentioned below.

  • In case you need the PNG Image format of this template we have also made it available for you.
  • This template is in the PDF format which makes it easy to transfer the template from one device to the other.
  • We understand that you might need to make changes to this template hence we made this template editable in the MS Word.

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